Thursday, March 22, 2012


Today is the second to last day of our journey. I didn't really know what to expect coming here because I have never been to Louisiana before. I had only known a little information from the media about hurricane Katrina. But even then, I still didn't know enough details about the effects of Katrina and how it can make such an impact on people. Therefore, that is the reason why I came on this amazing opportunity to figure out what happened and to learn from it.
The first few days here, I kind of felt like a foreigner. I didn't know what the people, culture, or lifestyle would be like. We went to our job site, which was to help fix up a lady's house because she could not afford repairs after Katrina. To be honest, the first day it almost just seemed like working to me. As the week went on, we had the chance to interact with amazing people such as Miss Joann, Tony (alumni from Hamline) and MaryAnn. We also visited places such as the vietnamese community, the lower ninth ward, and the parades. After going through these experiences, I learned a lot more information than I could have imagined. I also learned more about myself. I realized that going to a job site to fix up a house is no longer just working... but knowing that I can make a difference in someone's life and help them, whether its a small or big way. It feels so good to know that just a simple act of kindness can mean a big thing to someone.
Tomorrow is the last day and I still have a variety of emotions. I'm so proud of myself for coming on this trip to help people in need, I'm also very sad to be leaving because I wish I could stay just a little bit longer to help out even more. In conclusion, I have learned so much in just one week of being with the most incredible people and inspiring surroundings. I am looking forward to completing another adventure like this!

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